POD 2022 Seattle has ended

Sunday, Nov 20

This is it folks, our last day of #POD22Seattle. On behalf of the Conference Team, we just want to say thank you for joining us this year, engaging with our community, and for being part of a new flavor of conferencing. We hope it has been a positive experience for you. It has been an honor to serve our network in this work and we on the Conference Team are grateful for the opportunity. 

Anchor Session. Today is the last morning of the conference. We like to end the conference with an anchor session from some of our POD members. The anchor session is chosen from all of the conference proposal submissions. The Conference Team is really excited about this one and we hope you will be too. Joshua Caulkins, Stephanie M. Foote, Bryan Dewsbury, and Mays Imad will be closing the conference with their Anchor session, Re-Engaging Faculty in the Age of Burnout: A Wicked Problem. We hope to see you there.

Neck Wallet. One quick request for those fancy new neck wallets (yes, they are called neck wallets or at least that is what was printed on the box). Please plan to re-use your name badge holder (a.k.a, neck wallet) for next year or you can drop it off at the registration desk when you leave and we will bring them back next year. 

Feedback Survey. Next week you will receive an email with a link to a conference feedback survey. There are around 30 questions, including some demographic ones, that we would really appreciate you taking the time to complete. The Conference Team takes your feedback very seriously and uses that feedback to shape the conference experience for the next year and for years to come. We will ask a few specific questions and we will give you lots of room to tell us the things you would like us to know. So please take this opportunity to let us know more about your experience this year.

Opening Sched. The Conference Team would like to make both the Online and the Seattle Sched public-facing so anyone in our community can access the resources the presenters have shared with our conference members. But we realize that we didn’t tell our presenters about it in advance. So if you are not interested in sharing the resources you uploaded to Sched, you are welcome to remove them. You have total admin access to do that. If you don’t mind sharing, there’s no need to do anything special. 

Thank you again, and we hope for safe travels as we head back to the places we call home. 

Your 2022 Conference Team: 

Tammy M. McCoy, Conference Co-Chair
Jerod Quinn, Conference Co-Chair
Heeyoung Kim, Program Co-Chair
Christopher Grabau, Program Co-Chair
Teresa Focarile, Online Co-Chair
Kristin English, Online Co-Chair
Hoag Holmgren, POD Network Executive Director

Saturday, Nov 19
Yesterday was quite a day! We had sessions, a President’s Panel, the Wulff Fellows Roundtable, the Awards Banquet, and of course a fiery keynote from the always amazing Robin DeRosa. Whew! Today is a day full of sessions and more sessions. As you’re choosing your sessions, don’t forget to take a look at the Career Fair beginning at 10am in Regency B. There are no big events today, and also no collective meals. Today is a good day for grabbing lunch and coffee with folks you have met this week.

If you have been to a POD conference before, on-site or online, you might have been expecting a certain announcement to be made at the end of the Awards Ceremony last night. That is the time when we sometimes announce the location of next year’s conference. I wanted to report that we didn’t forget, but that the location is still being negotiated. So while we do have a highly-likely-probably-gonna-happen location it is not an official location…yet. We will announce that location as soon as the ink dries on the contracts. 

Tomorrow is our last #POD22Seattle session. We are thrilled to have Joshua Caulkins, Stephanie M. Foote, Bryan Dewsbury, and Mays Imad wrapping up our conference with their highly anticipated session, Re-Engaging Faculty in the Age of Burnout: A Wicked Problem.

We know some folks will be heading home tonight or first thing tomorrow. We hope you have had an amazing and challenging and encouraging and welcoming and eye-opening time. We hope you have discovered a few gems to take back to your colleges and universities that will help you re:imagine, re:connect, and re:start your passions and approaches to teaching and learning. 

Friday, Nov 18

Good morning Conference Friends

I heard about a billion “it’s so good to see you, it’s been forever” statements shouted out yesterday and quite frankly, it was music to my ears. Sessions kicked off and Dr. Carol Hurney, the POD President, wrapped up the day with a message about recalibrating our work and values. Today we have more fantastic sessions and we also have a few events we wanted to make sure you know about. 

President’s Panel: This morning at 8am our past (Francine S. Glazer), current (Carol A. Hurney), and future (Stacy Grooters) POD presidents will be sharing a message about the State of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the POD Network

Keynote Address: At 11am this morning we are honored to welcome Dr. Robin DeRosa keynote address for this year’s conference. Robin will offer a vision for how to create a community-driven model for leading our higher education institutions into a hopeful, learner-centered future. 

A Few Excursion spots left: We have a few tickets available for the Seattle Space Needle excursion ($50) on Friday (today) from 1:30-4PM (meet in the lobby at 1:30PM, take the monorail, and return by 4PM), and also for the one-hour Seattle Harbor Cruise on Saturday, November 19, from 2:00-4:30 pm (meet in the lobby at 1:55PM, take a van to Pier 55, cruise the harbor, return to hotel by 4:30PM). If interested, register here: wwwpodnetwork.org/47th-annual-conference/.  

Awards Ceremony: Tonight we will wrap up the day with the Awards Ceremony where we honor some of the achievements of our community. It includes recognition of this year’s winners of the Spirit of POD Award, Christine A. Stanley Award, Menges Award, and Innovation Award. Awards will be presented in a ceremony followed by dinner. And like last night, you can ask your server to prepare your dinner to go if you would prefer.

Thursday, Nov 17

Today is the BIG day. The Conference Team has been working toward today for a very long time, and we are bubbling with excitement. The word “giddy” has been tossed around our workspace. This first message will be a little long, but hang in there. Here’s a few things to expect today.

Registration is on the 7th Floor. This should be your first conference stop when you are ready for sessions. We will have name tags for you and a collection of masks and COVID tests for each attendee. Maybe not the most exciting conference swag you will ever get, but very practical.

Affinity Groups at 12:30pm. POD is built on community, and our Affinity Groups are a path to connecting to other POD people with shared identities. This session will start with a brief introduction followed by a history of POD affinity groups. You’ll then have the opportunity to visit up to 2 affinity groups with which you identify to learn more about what they have to offer and how you can get involved.

Regular sessions begin at 2pm. All of the sessions will take place on the 6th and 7th floors. Be sure to double-check the room names and numbers on the day of the session. We are shifting a couple of the meeting room assignments to adjust for potential attendance. Also, if you see there’s a popular session on Sched you want to attend, we recommend arriving early.

President’s Address at 6pm. POD Network President Carol Hurney will deliver a message to our community in Regency B titled Re:Calibrating Your Educational Development Compasses. Dinner will be served immediately following the President’s Address.

The Wifi Situation. Here is the network and login for your general wifi needs.
Network: @Hyatt_Meeting
Password: pod2022

Lastly, the To-Do List. There are a few things we wanted to remind you to do today and every day while we are together here in Seattle.

  • Please use a COVID rapid test each morning. There is no one to “report” to. We trust folks to be responsible with their choices.

  • Connect, ReConnect, and meet some new colleagues and friends.

  • Wear your mask during all the sessions (presenters can take off the masks for microphone use as needed, but be space aware).

  • Tweet at #POD22Seattle

  • When you are presenting, use the microphone. Always. Every time. Do not ask “can everyone hear me?” Just use the microphone. Seriously. 

  • Learn something new and have some fun. Seriously. 

We hope you have an amazing conference this year. Here we go!

Wednesday, Nov 16

Good morning Everyone!

We know many of you will be getting on planes today and heading to Seattle to join us for our first on-site conference since 2019. We wish you the safest of travels as you zip across the country to join us. The Conference Team is very excited to host everyone and we are working our hardest to make this year’s on-site venue an exciting, encouraging, and empowering event for all of us. We’ve been unboxing thousands of masks and COVID tests, setting up signage, and working to make our space as warm and welcoming as possible. 

We are currently over 800 people registered for Seattle. That’s amazing! We will be passing out masks and tests and have made several changes to help make the conference safer. We will also ask that you take a home COVID test before getting on the plane. If you test positive, just reach out to the team and we can go from there.  

Wednesday kicks off some of our Pre-Conference sessions at 1pm. The rest will start on Thursday, along with the beginning of our regular sessions. 

If you post photos on social media, and we hope you do, please use alt-text to increase accessibility. And don’t forget our hashtag #POD2022Seattle.

Lastly, if you haven’t spent some time in Sched planning your list of sessions we would very much encourage it. You can sort by day, session type, or even look up presenters by name if you know folks who always bring a great session. Remember to set your time zone to Pacific Standard Time (PST) and make sure your calendars are also synched to PST so that you don’t miss any of the dynamic sessions. See you all in Seattle!

Pro Tips from the Conference Team:

  • If mobile Sched is misbehaving, close the app completely and reopen: Apple & Android.

  • Shared Session Notes: For each session in Sched, there is a link to a session-specific Google Doc where you can share your session notes with other conference attendees.

  • Check out “Directory” then “More Info” from the mobile app for information on excursions, wellness opportunities, COVID policies, and other aspects of the conference beyond regular sessions.

  • Quiet Room, Please! It’s been a while since we’ve all been in one space together, so you might need a quiet place to catch your breath. We’ve got you! Room 706 is available for you to sit and regroup. No talking, please. 

  • We also have dedicated Room 704 as a lactation room for all who need it. You can pick up the key at the registration desk.

Please email the conference team with any questions you may have: conferenceteam@podnetwork.org 

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