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Inclusion and Accessibility

Inclusion is a core value in the POD Network and we have taken steps to make both our venues inclusive and accessible. In consultation with the POD Diversity Committee, the conference supports a number of inclusion and accessibility measures in order to provide all participants with as equitable an experience as possible:

Overview of Accessibility Measures at the Seattle Conference:

- Conference Session Recommendations: This resource offers guidance on use of language, cultural competence, slide presentations, spoken and audio presentations, posters, handouts and more. 

- Inclusion Coordinator (see below)

- ASL interpreter available on request

- Microphones in every session

- Captions for Thursday's Presidential Address, Friday's Presidential Panel, Keynote and Awards Ceremony, and Sunday's Anchor Session are available live via this online captioning site. If you have join the session late, you may also scan back in the online captioning site transcript to see what you’ve missed.

POD22 Inclusivity Measures video overview
The Inclusion Coordinator
The Inclusion Coordinator position provides perspective to the conference team on major decisions about the conference and helps to create access for all attendees. The Inclusion Coordinator(s) are encouraged (but not required) to be members of the POD Diversity Committee. They apply and are selected by the Diversity Committee to serve per conference. The Inclusion Coordinators for the 2022 POD Network Conference are available to anyone with inclusion needs, concerns, or feedback should contact them via email:

- Artineh Samkian: samkian@rossier.usc.edu

- Jess Clawson: jclawson2@su.edu