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avatar for Eric Fournier (he/him)

Eric Fournier (he/him)

Washington University in St. Louis
Director of Educational Development
avatar for Jonah Johnson (he/him)

Jonah Johnson (he/him)

Harvard University
Assistant Director of Writing Pedagogy
avatar for Donohon Abdugafurova (Ph.D)

Donohon Abdugafurova (Ph.D)

Wake Forest University
avatar for Amanda Wallace (she/her)

Amanda Wallace (she/her)

Simon Fraser University
Educational Developer - EAL Consultant
avatar for Andrea Han (she/her)

Andrea Han (she/her)

University of British Columbia
Associate Director, Curriculum and Course Services
avatar for Eilidh Singh (she/her)

Eilidh Singh (she/her)

Simon Fraser University
EAL consultant
avatar for Fiona Shaw (she/her)

Fiona Shaw (she/her)

Simon Fraser University
Associate Director, Curriculum and Instruction
avatar for Molly Hatcher (she/her)

Molly Hatcher (she/her)

Center for Teaching and Learning, UT Austin
Assistant Vice Provost, Director
avatar for Sarah Pickett (she/her)

Sarah Pickett (she/her)

Stanford University
Associate Director of Faculty and Lecturer Programs
avatar for Tina Huey (she/her)

Tina Huey (she/her)

University of Connecticut
Associate Director of Faculty Development
avatar for Anna Santucci (she/lei/sie/ella)

Anna Santucci (she/lei/sie/ella)

University College Cork
CIRTL Senior Lecturer, Teaching & Learning Enhancement
avatar for Dae Romero (they/them)

Dae Romero (they/them)

New Mexico State University
Visiting Assistant Professor/ Basic Course Director
avatar for Matt Acevedo

Matt Acevedo

University of Miami
Executive Director, Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement

Joelle Adams

Santa Monica College
English Professor
avatar for Andrea Aebersold

Andrea Aebersold

UC Irvine
Director, Faculty Instructional Development
avatar for Ronit Ajlen

Ronit Ajlen

University of Michigan CRLT
Associate Director
avatar for Cynthia Alby

Cynthia Alby

Georgia College and State University
Professor of Teacher Education
avatar for Ian Althouse

Ian Althouse

Columbia University
Senior Assistant Director, Graduate Student Programs & Services

Georgina Anderson

University of South Carolina
avatar for Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

University of Louisville
avatar for Seth Anderson

Seth Anderson

Duke Learning Innovation

Jeanne Andreoli

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Assistant Director

Dorothe Bach

University of Virginia
Associate Director
avatar for Lauren Barbeau

Lauren Barbeau

Georgia Institute of Technology
Assistant Director, Learning and Technology Initiatives
avatar for Betsy Barre

Betsy Barre

Wake Forest University
Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Denise Bartell

Kent State University
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
avatar for Robert Bartsch

Robert Bartsch

University of Houston-Clear Lake
Program Director, Center for Faculty Development
avatar for Erin Baumann

Erin Baumann

Harvard Kennedy School
Senior Associate Director of Professional Pedagogy
avatar for Leslie Bayers

Leslie Bayers

University of the Pacific
Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
avatar for Breana Bayraktar

Breana Bayraktar

George Mason University, Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning
avatar for Adam Beaver

Adam Beaver

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University
Director of Pedagogy
avatar for Joshua Been

Joshua Been

Baylor University
Director of Data & Digital Scholarship
avatar for Kimberly Bell

Kimberly Bell

Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Stony Brook University
TA Development Specialist

Rebecca Belou

Montana State University
Senior Data Scientist
avatar for Anna Landes Benz

Anna Landes Benz

Saint Mary's University of MN
Program and Faculty Developer
avatar for Melissa Berry-Woods

Melissa Berry-Woods

Northeastern University
Director, Learning Development & Student Success
avatar for Katherine Beydler

Katherine Beydler

University of Iowa
Assistant Director, Center for Teaching
avatar for Christina Bifulco

Christina Bifulco

Rutgers University
Associate Director for Teaching & Learning Analytics
avatar for Eliza Blau

Eliza Blau

Rutgers University
Instructional Design and Technology Specialist

Martha Bless

Academic Director
avatar for Katie Blocksidge

Katie Blocksidge

The Ohio State University at Newark/Central Ohio Technical College
Library Director
avatar for Mike Blum

Mike Blum

College of William & Mary
Assistant Director, Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation
avatar for Patty Bolea

Patty Bolea

Grand Valley State University
avatar for Ilisabeth Bornstein

Ilisabeth Bornstein

Bryant University
Interim Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
avatar for Devshikha Bose

Devshikha Bose

Boise State University
Senior Educational Development Specialist
avatar for Diane Boyd

Diane Boyd

Furman University
Associate Dean Faculty Development
avatar for Allison Boye

Allison Boye

Collin College
Founding Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
avatar for Alison Brauneis

Alison Brauneis

Stanford University
Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Programs
avatar for Dr. Shihua Brazill

Dr. Shihua Brazill

Center for Faculty Excellence Montana State University
Instructional Designer & Assistant Teaching Professor
avatar for Tamara Brenner

Tamara Brenner

Harvard University, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
Executive Director
avatar for Alicia Briganti

Alicia Briganti

Dalton State College
Associate Professor of Psychology
avatar for Bee Brigidi

Bee Brigidi

Simon Fraser University
Educational Developer

Adriana Briseño-Garzón

University of British Columbia
Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation
avatar for Jamiella Brooks

Jamiella Brooks

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
Director, Student Equity & Inclusion Initiatives
avatar for Johnathan Broome

Johnathan Broome

University of Southern Mississippi
Associate Director, CFD and Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry
avatar for Adam Brummett

Adam Brummett

University of Iowa
avatar for Beate Brunow

Beate Brunow

Penn State
Associate Research Prof
avatar for Chris Burns

Chris Burns

University of Arizona College of Medicine
Professor of Basic Medical Science

David Burns

Magna Publications
VP and Publisher
avatar for Jonathan Byrn

Jonathan Byrn

Yakima Valley College
Instructor, Ethnic Studies and American Indian & Indigenous Studies
avatar for Steven Cain

Steven Cain

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Senior Instructional Designer
avatar for Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

New Mexico State University
avatar for Daniel Canales

Daniel Canales

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Head of innovation area with technology
avatar for Carie Cardamone

Carie Cardamone

Tufts University
Associate Director CELT
avatar for Mary Carney

Mary Carney

University of Georgia
Director of Programming in Faculty Affairs
avatar for Pauline Carpenter

Pauline Carpenter

Rutgers the State University of New Jersey
Instructional Design and Technology Specialist
avatar for Casey Carroll

Casey Carroll

University of South Carolina
Instructional Designer
avatar for Kim Case

Kim Case

Director of Faculty Success
avatar for Joshua Caulkins

Joshua Caulkins

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Campus
Director, Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence
avatar for Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Simmons University
Senior Associate Director for Teaching and Learning
avatar for Amy Chan-Hilton

Amy Chan-Hilton

University of Southern Indiana
Director of CETL
avatar for Samantha Chang

Samantha Chang

University of Toronto
Faculty Liaison, Pedagogical Support, Teaching & Learning
avatar for Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury

Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury

University of South Alabama
Executive Director Innovation in Learning Center and USAonline...
avatar for Amy Cicchino

Amy Cicchino

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Jess Clawson

Shenandoah University
Assistant Director, Transformative Teaching & Learning
avatar for Anoff Cobblah

Anoff Cobblah

University of Tennessee
Faculty Consultant for Professional Development
avatar for Thomas Colclough

Thomas Colclough

University of California, Irvine
avatar for Meghan Cook

Meghan Cook

Purdue Northwest
Assistant Director, Center for Faculty Excellence
avatar for Teha Cooks

Teha Cooks

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Associate Director, CTLE
avatar for Anneris Coria-Navia

Anneris Coria-Navia

Andrews University
Professor of Curriculum & Instruction and Director of the Center for...
avatar for Paloma Casteleiro Costa

Paloma Casteleiro Costa

Georgia Institute of Technology
Graduate Research Assistant & Graduate Teaching Fellow

Steven Crawford

Maricopa Community Colleges
District Director, Maricopa Center for Learning & Innovation
avatar for Christine Cress

Christine Cress

Graduate School of Education, Portland State University
Professor, PACE Program
avatar for Aimee Cribbs

Aimee Cribbs

Dalton State College
Assistant Director Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and...
avatar for Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin

Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin

Miami Dade College
Director Of Faculty Development
avatar for Liz Cummins

Liz Cummins

Upper Iowa Univerity

Justin Dammeier

Ivy Tech Community College
avatar for Glen Davenport

Glen Davenport

Columbia University
Associate Director, Evaluation and Assesment
avatar for Dana Dawson

Dana Dawson

Temple University
Associate Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching
avatar for Audrey Dentith

Audrey Dentith

North Carolina A&T State University
Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence
avatar for Gypsy Denzine

Gypsy Denzine

Virginia Commonwealth University
Professor of Educational Leadership and Higher Education Leadership...
avatar for Robin DeRosa

Robin DeRosa

Plymouth State University
Director, Learning & Libraries
avatar for Jessica Dewey

Jessica Dewey

Syracuse University
Postdoctoral scholar
avatar for Aleya Dhanji

Aleya Dhanji

Highline College
Physics Faculty
avatar for Aynsley Diamond

Aynsley Diamond

University of Connecticut
Director, Faculty Outreach & Engagement
avatar for Elizabeth Dickens

Elizabeth Dickens

University of Virginia
Assistant Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Cheryl Diermyer

Associate Director, XCITE
avatar for Lauri Dietz

Lauri Dietz

Stanford University
Associate Director, Introductory Seminars
avatar for Michele DiPietro

Michele DiPietro

Kennesaw State University
Executive Director, CETL
avatar for Kaitlin Ingraham Dixie

Kaitlin Ingraham Dixie

Assistant Director, CEILS
avatar for Denise Domizi

Denise Domizi

University System of Georgia
Director of Faculty Development
avatar for Emily Donahoe

Emily Donahoe

University of Mississippi
Associate Director of Instructional Support
avatar for Anna Donnell

Anna Donnell

University of Cincinnati
Associate Director, CET&L
avatar for Lindsay Doukopoulos

Lindsay Doukopoulos

Auburn University
Associate Director for Educational Development
avatar for Leslie Drane

Leslie Drane

Indiana University Bloomington
Senior Instructional Consultant

Chris Drue

Associate Director of Teaching Evaluation
avatar for Terri Dunbar

Terri Dunbar

Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD Candidate
avatar for Heather Dwyer

Heather Dwyer

Tufts University
avatar for Penny Edwards

Penny Edwards

UofSC School of Medicine Greenville
Faculty Development Program Manager
avatar for Donna Ellis

Donna Ellis

University of Waterloo
avatar for Maryam Eslami

Maryam Eslami

University of California, Irvine
PhD Student- Research Assistant
avatar for Joshua Eyler

Joshua Eyler

University of Mississippi
Director of Faculty Development

Holly Ferraro

Villanova University
Faculty Director, DEI Teaching and Research

Stephanie Fiore

Temple University
Assistant Vice Provost
avatar for Anna Flaming

Anna Flaming

University of Iowa
Director, Center for Teaching
avatar for Amanda Folk

Amanda Folk

The Ohio State University Libraries
Head, Teaching & Learning
avatar for John Foo

John Foo

Columbia University
Assistant Director | Science and Engineering | Faculty Programs and...
avatar for Stephanie M. Foote

Stephanie M. Foote

Gardner Institute
Vice President for Teaching, Learning, and Evidence-Based Practices
avatar for Sarah Ford

Sarah Ford

Simon Fraser University
Educational Consultant, Learning and Teaching Centre
avatar for Desiree Forsythe

Desiree Forsythe

Chapman University
Grand Challenges Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow
avatar for Karen Bunch Franklin

Karen Bunch Franklin

Clemson University
Assistant Director
avatar for Megan Frary

Megan Frary

Boise State University
Coordinator for Graduate TA Support and Associate Professor of...
avatar for Eric Michael French

Eric Michael French

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Senior Instructional Designer
avatar for Chad Fulton

Chad Fulton

Center for Teaching and Learning, UT Austin
Associate Director
avatar for José Galarza

José Galarza

Maryland Institute College of Art
Director of Center for Teaching Innovation & Exchange
avatar for Maria Gallardo-Williams

Maria Gallardo-Williams

NC State University
Senior Faculty Development Specialist
avatar for Matthew Garrett

Matthew Garrett

Case Western Reserve University
Director, University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education;...
avatar for Ruanda Garth-McCullough

Ruanda Garth-McCullough

Achieving the Dream
Director of Program Development
avatar for Michelle Gaston

Michelle Gaston

University of Texas
Assistant Director, Graduate Student Development
avatar for Mascha Gemein

Mascha Gemein

University of Arizona
Associate Professor of Practice
avatar for Amber Giffin

Amber Giffin

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Graduate Research Assistant
avatar for Don Gillian-Daniel

Don Gillian-Daniel

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Director of Inclusive Teaching Programming
avatar for Francine Glazer

Francine Glazer

New York Institute of Technology
Associate Provost for Educational Innovation & Director, CTL;...
avatar for Bénédicte Gnangnon

Bénédicte Gnangnon

Boston University
Postdoctoral Associate
avatar for David Goldman

David Goldman

Rutgers University
Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
avatar for Cecilia Gomez

Cecilia Gomez

UC Davis
Education Specialist
avatar for David Green

David Green

Seattle University
Director, Center for Faculty Development and Clinical Professor of...
avatar for Katy Green

Katy Green

University of West Georgia
Interim Department Chair and Associate Professor
avatar for Robin Greenler

Robin Greenler

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assistant Director CIRTL
avatar for Jess Gregg

Jess Gregg

Associate Director, STEM Center
avatar for Stacy Grooters

Stacy Grooters

Boston College
Executive Director, CTE
avatar for Laurie Grupp

Laurie Grupp

Fairfield University
Dean, School of Education and Human Development
avatar for Patricia Guillen

Patricia Guillen

Maricopa Community Colleges
Director, Instructional Services
avatar for Asta Habtemichael

Asta Habtemichael

University of Rhode Island
PhD Candidate/Coordinator DIBP
avatar for Jennifer Hadingham

Jennifer Hadingham

Case Western Reserve University
Assistant Director, UCITE
avatar for Erin Hagar

Erin Hagar

University of Maryland, Baltimore
Manager, Professional Development and Education
avatar for Christopher Hakala

Christopher Hakala

Springfield College
Director for the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and...
avatar for Kate Hamilton

Kate Hamilton

Harvard University, JFK School of Government, Strengthening Learning & Teaching Excellence
Assistant Director of Faculty Programs
avatar for Elizabeth Yost Hammer

Elizabeth Yost Hammer

Xavier University of Louisiana 
avatar for Naomi Hammonds

Naomi Hammonds

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Jane Hammons

Ohio State University
Teaching and Learning Engagement Librarian
avatar for Amber Handy

Amber Handy

University of Wisconsin-Parkside - Kenosha, WI
Associate Vice Provost for the Center for Excellence in Inclusive...
avatar for Claudia Cornejo Happel

Claudia Cornejo Happel

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Associate Director Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
avatar for Catherine Haras

Catherine Haras

California State University Los Angeles
Executive Director

Michelle Hardee

University of South Carolina
Program Manager
avatar for William Harder

William Harder

Goucher College
Director, Center for the Advancement of Scholarship & Teaching

Ashley Harlow

University of Georgia
Coordinator of Faculty and Graduate Student Development
avatar for Jeremy Harper

Jeremy Harper

Boise State University
Interim Managing Director of the BUILD Program
avatar for Linda Hasunuma

Linda Hasunuma

Temple University
Assistant Director
avatar for Gary Hawkins

Gary Hawkins

Warren Wilson College
Dean for Teaching & Learning
avatar for Benjamin Haywood

Benjamin Haywood

Furman University
Associate Director, Faculty Development Center
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