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Saturday, November 19

7:00am PST

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Reimagining Adjunct Faculty Support and Development 605 (Snohomish)Patricia Guillen • Kristin Morley • Sarah Oliver • Morgan Iommi • Liz Cummins Communities of Practice: Modeling transformative and equity-minded professional learning 702 (Clearwater)Ruanda Garth-McCullough • H. Ray Keith • Sarah Kinnison • Dae Romero (they/them) Embedding Inclusive Teaching in College Policies: Workshop and Follow-up Project 609 (Yakima)Shelley Reid • Aimee Weinstein Fostering Belonging and Motivation for Students and Faculty 601 (Hoh)Kelly Lester • Laurie Pendleton • Elizabeth Lawner Reconnecting Teaching, Learning, and Faculty Careers Through Faculty Fellowships 703 (Hoko)Denise Domizi • Marina Smitherman • Katy Green • Rod McRae ReImagining educational development practices: integrating change theories in complex contexts 606 (Twisp)Nancy Turner • Donna Ellis Strengthening Student Belonging Through Effective Teaching 603 (Skagit)Martha Bless • Anika Simone Johnson • Adrienne Morgan • Nicole R. Herman Undercover educational development: Re:imagining strategies for stealth JEDI work 602 (Nooksack)Michele DiPietro Unlocking the Promise of Midcourse Conversations 608 (Wynoochee)Christine Rener • Jordan Troisi Between Black and White: An International Perspective on Inclusive Teaching Regency ABerlin Fang • Jorge Daniel Garcia Santiago ‘I’m not like you.’ Stories from Latina Ed Developers. Regency ACarol Hernandez Imagine the Connections: Co-Creating Faculty Communities of Practice 701 (Clallum)Jessica Dewey • Laurel Willingham-McLain • Martha Diede Re:Imagining Midterm Instructional Feedback 604 (Skykomish)Gloriana Trujillo • Amanda Modell Re:Imagining Trauma-Informed Teaching: Taking an Empowering Approach 707 (Snoqualmie)Amber Giffin Self-Care and Interventions: A DEIA Statement Writing Workshop for Co-Conspirators 607 (Wishkah)Kaitlyn Farrell Rodriguez

10:00am PST

Career Fair Regency B From reflection towards loving self-critique: Centering DEI in consultations 605 (Snohomish)Erin Whitteck • Lynn Mandeltort • Christine O'Donnell • Beth White • Audrey Dentith • Tris Utschig • Joshua Caulkins • Carie Cardamone Beyond the Syllabus: Class Community and Engagement through In-Class Advising 703 (Hoko)Aleya Dhanji In the HyFlex Trenches: Pivoting to a Multimedia Platform 607 (Wishkah)Cheryl Diermyer • Eric Johns Pedagogical Perspectives on Privacy, Access, and Support for Educational Technology 606 (Twisp)Lexi Schlosser • Terri Johnson Reconnecting Learners and Educators Across Race on Anti-racist Accountability 602 (Nooksack)Roben Torosyan he/his • Melissa Berry-Woods • Michael Sweet Advancing Equity and Strengthening Writing through Action Assessment Regency ABeth Beschorner • Heather Camp From Skeptics to Converts: How To Build Enthusiasm for Assessment Regency ABrad Knight Lights, Camera, Action: HyFlex Teaching as Theater Regency ASarah Brown An Introduction to Interpreting Quantitative Visualizations in Educational Developer Contexts 603 (Skagit)Amy Chan-Hilton • Katherine Simeon • Beate Brunow • Bethany Morrison • Marsha Lovett Catalyzing Change in Institutional SoTL Culture 707 (Snoqualmie)Holly Buckland Parker • Devshikha Bose • Robert Bartsch • Dayna Henry • Laura Lukes Ensuring Your CTL Thrives in Times of Uncertainty and Volatility 702 (Clearwater)C. Edward Watson • Christopher Hakala Creating Pragmatic, Empathetic, and Equitable Syllabus Policies 604 (Skykomish)Amy Ort • Robert Vavala Empathetic Action for Educational Developers 601 (Hoh)Bee Brigidi • Megan Robertson Thinking with Things: Creating Effective and Engaging Classroom Experiences 608 (Wynoochee)Sarah Kuhn

11:15am PST

POD Writes: Re-Connecting through the Scholarship of Educational Development 601 (Hoh)Gary Hawkins • Lindsay Wheeler • Adam Smith • Jessica Taggart • Anna Flaming • Jeanne Andreoli • Eric Fournier (he/him) • Christopher Hakala Collective Wisdom: Using Storytelling to Address Instructor Teaching Challenges 708 (Sol Duc)Ryan Rideau • Carie Cardamone • Heather Dwyer • Dana Leeman Course Success Self-Review: Reimagining Support for Course Design and Instruction 607 (Wishkah)Daniel Pell • Karen Skibba Improv to Reimagine Educational Development 603 (Skagit)Jackie Shay Office Hours: An Index of COVID’s Impact upon Teaching 606 (Twisp)Eleanor Finnegan • Adam Beaver • Tamara Brenner • Ashlie Sandoval The impact of identity on using active learning strategies 602 (Nooksack)David Green • Katherine Raichle • Holly Ferraro Excavating an Education: looking back and sifting through Regency ATina Huey (she/her) Healing From Racism Journey: Program to Facilitate Anti-Racist Faculty Development Regency ASarah Ford • Bee Brigidi How to Climb a Mountain: Grade Reform and Systemic Change Regency AJoshua Eyler Building and Sustaining Learning Assistant Programs at Small Decentralized Colleges 703 (Hoko)Jordan Troisi • Kevin Murray Making Time and Space for Transformative Learning in Business Education 608 (Wynoochee)Meagan Troop Re:Connecting Late Career Faculty, Re:Imagining the final years 707 (Snoqualmie)Dana Munk • Patty Bolea Teaching and Learning Centers’ Impact on Faculty Sense of Belonging 702 (Clearwater)Emily Hixon • Meghan Cook The Value of Community: Culturally Responsive Teaching in Community Colleges 605 (Snohomish)Jenee Higgins Re-Imagining How We Support Neurodivergent Students, a Workshop 701 (Clallum)Paloma Casteleiro Costa

2:00pm PST

The Centering Centers PODcast – Re: Connection through Conversation 601 (Hoh)German Vargas Ramos • Bonnie Mullinix • Lindsay Doukopoulos Connect, Reflect, Write, Repeat: A Professional Practice Promoting Well-Being 603 (Skagit)Lindsay Wheeler • Eric Kaldor • Joshua Caulkins • Carie Cardamone • Laurie Grupp Finding community through the syllabus: tracking the impact of COVID 606 (Twisp)Eleanor Finnegan • Tamara Brenner • Ashlie Sandoval Navigating Complexities: Educational Development In and Through the Curriculum 702 (Clearwater)Kenneth Ligda • Lauri Dietz • Cassandra Volpe Horii Supporting Faculty through Re-Imagined Virtual Teaching and Learning 607 (Wishkah)Joanne Ricevuto • Laura McLaughlin Taking Action: Using the TALLS model for developing Critical Consciousness 602 (Nooksack)Laura Pipe • Jennifer Stephens Creating Tailored Graduate Student Learning Communities through Cross-Campus Collaboration Regency AKatherine Beydler Embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in TA Training Regency AKaitlin Ingraham Dixie Centering racial-equity in SoTL: found poetry, reflexivity, and new directions. 609 (Yakima)Karen Pelletreau • Liliana Herakova Re:imagining TA Training: A Roundtable Discussion 608 (Wynoochee)Kate Williams • Terri Dunbar Systems of Healing: Envisioning Educational Development Future(s) 604 (Skykomish)Anna Santucci (she/lei/sie/ella) • Kate Hamilton Intro to Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Strategies for Teaching Assistants 605 (Snohomish)Sarah Beal • Anna Donnell Self and Syllabus: Aligning Syllabus Language and Teacher Self-Perception 708 (Sol Duc)Joshua Been • Christopher Richmann Utilizing Design Thinking as the CTL's Principal Methodology 701 (Clallum)David Humphreys • Lynn Murray-Chandler

3:00pm PST

4:00pm PST

A Scholarly Framework to Re:Purpose Icebreakers 606 (Twisp)Lisa LaCross • Colleen M. Kuusinen Aligning Our Educational Development Work with Our Values 601 (Hoh)Carolyn Ives • Paul Martin • C. Shaun Longstreet Asynchronous faculty workshops: Lessons and Pitfalls 702 (Clearwater)H. Naomie Nyanungo Shifting Mindsets Via a Re:Imagined Community of Scholars Approach 602 (Nooksack)Samantha Shields • Nate Poling • Clint Patterson Developing Communities of Reflection on Whiteness: challenges and opportunities 604 (Skykomish)Tina Huey (she/her) From Grant to University Funding: (Re)Imagining Emerging CTL Models 703 (Hoko)Ryan Marnane • Ilisabeth Bornstein Leveraging educational development in course design and production 605 (Snohomish)Ranga Venkatachary • Kanthi Jayasundera • Shashi Seth • Megan Robertson • Zoe Morris • Olga Reitzik • Brian Lorraine • Dianne Jamieson-Noel • Rob McTavish Political states of educational development: Our place in academic freedom 603 (Skagit)Adam Smith • Allison Boye Re-envisioning Networks to Support and Retain Educational Developers of Color 707 (Snoqualmie)Linda Hasunuma • Derina Samuel Recalibrate, Revive, Rebuild: Redesigning Teaching Centers in Community 609 (Yakima)Denise Bartell • Jeanne Kusina Reengaging and Reconnecting: Strategies for Mitigating Student Disengagement in Classrooms 608 (Wynoochee)Kaitlyn Farrell Rodriguez • Michelle Gaston Somos Latinx Ed Developers 607 (Wishkah)German Vargas Ramos • Carla Nevarez • Bee Brigidi • Carol Subiño Sullivan • Carol Hernandez The Art of Leading Effective Discussions for Sustainable Learning 708 (Sol Duc)Alison Brauneis • Andrea Taylor
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