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Friday, November 18

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Re:imagining the value of partnerships to POD members 707 (Snoqualmie)Christopher Price • Francine Glazer • Teresa Johnson A Community Reconnected: Collaborating to Create an Inclusive Teaching Workbook 605 (Snohomish)Melissa Jones • Carla Nevarez Adding Breadth and Depth to Active Learning 602 (Nooksack)Todd Zakrajsek • Todd Zakrajsek Designing & Re:imagining Student Partner Programs: Exploring Three Institutions' Models 703 (Hoko)Trevor Morris • Travis Thurston • Ursula Sorensen • Joshua Holt • Laurie Toro Improving Writing Cultures in General Education Programs 608 (Wynoochee)Jonah Johnson (he/him) Integrating Undergraduates into Course Design Towards Inclusivity and Design Justice 702 (Clearwater)JoAnn Roberts • Shanna Shaked • Naomi Hammonds • K. Supriya Re-Imagining MidCareer: Designing for Today’s Faculty 701 (Clallum)Laura Sponsler • Alison Staudinger Re:Claiming Our Joy through Intentional Reflection, Dialogue and Choice 601 (Hoh)Deandra Little • Carol Hurney • Kathleen Landy • Suzanne Tapp • Laurie Grupp Reimagining the Educational Development Toolkit to Address Information Literacy 606 (Twisp)Dana Dawson • Stephanie Fiore Faculties in Conversation: An Argument for Cross-Institutional Faculty Development Regency AWilliam Harder Using Innovation Awards to Increase Awareness of Creative Teaching Practices Regency AJennifer Anderson Cross-institutional partnerships to strengthen educational developer toolkits 604 (Skykomish)Heather Keith • Kim Case • Dayna Henry • Laura Lukes • Breana Bayraktar Hybrid-flexible Teaching: Meeting Students Where They Need to Be 607 (Wishkah)Hee Eun Kwon • Erilynn Heinrichsen • Paul Hadjipieris • Jesse Enriquez What’s With the Lack of Motivation? Understanding Learners' Motivation 708 (Sol Duc)Peggy Hsieh

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(Re)Imagining Your Programming to Help Your Colleagues (Re)Connect 601 (Hoh)Gary Hawkins • Kylie Korsnack • Lew Ludwig • Jordan Troisi • Harry Price • Michael Reder • Karen Gonzalez Rice A Data-Informed Approach to Engaging Faculty on Racial Inequities 702 (Clearwater)Marcella De Veaux • Kristy Michaud • Whitney Scott • Janet Oh Can Higher Ed Institutions Collaborate and Win? 703 (Hoko)Anneris Coria-Navia • Paola Oudri • Lindsay Morton Catalyzing Instructional Change through Podcasts: Educational Development Reimagined 707 (Snoqualmie)Ian Althouse • Jamie Kim • Catherine Ross Developing a Teaching Innovation Incubator: Thinking Outside the Box 603 (Skagit)Donna Ellis • Kyle Scholz Interconnected classrooms: Connecting students to the world from home 608 (Wynoochee)Maria Clara Albor Madariaga Magna Digital Library: Getting More Out of Your Faculty Development Efforts 607 (Wishkah)Joseph Wendorf Re-building Our Foundation: Developing an Equity-Minded Practice 604 (Skykomish)Jean Otsuki • Kimberly Humphrey • Stacy Grooters Why are we doing this? Faculty Motivation and Institutional Change 606 (Twisp)Eric Werth • Katherine Williams Adaptive Educational Development Programming for Difficult Times Regency AEric Michael French • Steven Cain Mythbusting for your Center: Promoting the facts about our work Regency AKim Case • Katherine Maynard Re:connecting to Increase Women's Early Career Grant Success Regency ARebecca Belou • Nika Stoop • Jessi Smith What does it mean to interrogate educational development for racism? 701 (Clallum)​Marisella Rodriguez • Jamiella Brooks • Heather Dwyer Detecting and Deterring Academic Misconduct in an Online Environment 605 (Snohomish)Hugh Broome Leveraging Universal Design for Learning with Inclusive Teaching 602 (Nooksack)Dr. Shihua Brazill The Missing Ingredient: Creating Transparent Assignments Using the TILT Framework 708 (Sol Duc)Jeremiah E. Shipp • EdD

3:00pm PST

Choose-Your-Own Conversation on Integrating Equity and Educational Development 605 (Snohomish)Anna Santucci (she/lei/sie/ella) • Christine O'Donnell • Amber Handy • Martina Rosenberg she/her • Derina Samuel • Ruthann Thomas A Value-First Model for Open Pedagogy in Practice 606 (Twisp)Eric Werth • Katherine Williams Co-Imagining a CTL for a Small-College HBCU 703 (Hoko)Bonnie Mullinix • David McCurry • Derrick Shapley • Amanda Haywood-Cotton Engaging Students & Faculty to Address Unconscious Bias in Educational Cases 602 (Nooksack)Matthew Holley • Krista Longtin How Usability Testing Can Help Instructors Teach More Equitably 608 (Wynoochee)Eric Michael French I Know What’s On the Syllabus (Because I Read It) 607 (Wishkah)Brian Hopewell Restarting Momentum: Bite-Sized Development for Burned-Out Faculty 702 (Clearwater)Marina Smitherman • Alicia Briganti • Rod McRae • Aimee Cribbs Should I go? Unpacking the faculty experiences leading to attrition 708 (Sol Duc)​Marisella Rodriguez • Melissa Ko • Sarah Pickett (she/her) Students as stealth educational developers: identifying opportunities and mentoring leaders 601 (Hoh)Lauri Dietz • Lara Karpenko • Hollie Fortkamp Inward & Outward: Reimagining and Reconnecting Our Communities through a Podcast Regency ACaitlin DeClercq • Rebecca Petitti • Catherine Ross Mobile-Mindful: Teaching Development Re-imagined Regency AChristina Moore Story School: Integrating Multimodal Storytelling into Undergraduate Courses Regency AMike Blum Intramural Partnerships: Remodeling a Mentoring Program 603 (Skagit)Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury • Lisa LaCross A Perfect Fit: Faculty Learn About Teamwork with Jigsaw 701 (Clallum)Andrea Novicki • Elise Mueller • Seth Anderson Beyond the Debate: Trigger Warnings in a Research Context 707 (Snoqualmie)Erin Baumann • Kate Hamilton Decoding Information Literacy: A Workshop for Course Instructors 604 (Skykomish)Amanda Folk • Jane Hammons • Hanna Primeau • Katie Blocksidge

3:45pm PST

Course Success Self-Review Level 6 FoyerDaniel Pell • Karen Skibba • Lisa Jong Lessons from Jazz: A workshop in improvisation skills for facilitating great sessions Level 6 FoyerChris Burns • Richard Plunkett • Paul Haidet NC State SPARK: Summer Programs: Aspire, Renew, Kindle Level 6 FoyerMaria Gallardo-Williams • Jonathan Holloway • Diane Chapman • Sunanda Dillion • Janet Del Pinal Syllabus as a Tool to Dismantle Inequality: A Professional Development Workshop for Faculty Level 6 FoyerMaryam Eslami • Brian Sato • Andrea Aebersold A Formative Midterm Student Feedback Program for All Course Modalities Level 6 FoyerRobert Bartsch • Veronica Ortiz Amplifying the Silver Lining: TA Training Re-envisioned for Good Level 6 FoyerMichelle Hardee • Georgina Anderson Augmenting PhD Professional Development with a micro-credentialing online training program Level 6 FoyerBénédicte Gnangnon Building a Large Online Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) Training Program Level 6 FoyerKimberly Bell Connecting STEM Instructors with Appropriate Student-centered Teaching Professional Development Level 6 FoyerErica Szeyller Cross-Cultural Dialogue and Inclusivity in an HBCU: A Faculty Initiative Level 6 FoyerAudrey Dentith • steven Jiang • Nancy Winfrey • Del Ruff • Sherrice Allen Curricular Transformation Toolset: Rethinking how to plan and track change Level 6 FoyerDaniel Pell Data-informed Messages: Guiding Student Engagement and Metacognition in Large-Enrollment Courses Level 6 FoyerSara Nasrollahian Mojarad • Adam Brummett Description and outcomes of an intensive Preparing Future Faculty Program Level 6 FoyerCharmian Lam • Leslie Drane • Katie Kearns Developing and Implementing a Multifaceted Inclusive and Equitable Pedagogy Program Level 6 FoyerTimothy Henkel • Ashley Reese • Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman Developing social-equity curriculum for the public, high school, and faculty Level 6 FoyerNicole Chlebek Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating A Newly-Redesigned Teaching for Equity Institute Level 6 FoyerCliff Rouder Factors contributing to faculty intentions to earn digital badges Level 6 FoyerZihang Shao • Ph.D. Faculty Preferences for Modality of Workshops in the Post-Covid World Level 6 FoyerKevin Yee • Kirby Whittington How Do We Show Our Impact?: Patterns in Annual Reports Level 6 FoyerAmy Hermundstad Nave • Megan Sanders Implementation of a Framework for Assessing Teaching Effectiveness: Lessons Learned Level 6 FoyerMegan Frary • Shawn R Simonson Implementing a Peer-Coaching Faculty Learning Community (FLC): Lessons Learned Level 6 FoyerJulie Schrock • Whitney Manzo Institutionalizing learning assessment: Challenges and opportunities Level 6 FoyerDeborah Meizlish • Stephanie Kusano • Malinda Matney Leveraging Evaluation Data to Reimagine a College Teaching Certificate Program Level 6 FoyerKate Williams • Terri Dunbar Meanings of community for educational developers: Care, contributions, and belonging Level 6 FoyerThomas Colclough • Katherine Kearns Non-Evaluative Peer Observations of Teaching: Reflection toward Change Level 6 FoyerKerrie Kephart Nudge: A Classroom Experiment in Forgetting Less Level 6 FoyerKim Manturuk • Seth Anderson Online, Informal, Flexible: What #Ungrading Shows Us About Teaching Development Level 6 FoyerChristina Moore Preparing Doctoral Students and Post-doctoral Fellows for Careers in Teaching Level 6 FoyerAmanda Valdespino • Matt Acevedo • Tatiana Perrino Rapid Restart: Preparing faculty to teach in Active Learning Classrooms Level 6 FoyerCecilia Gomez • Patricia Turner Re-define approaches of academic advising in universities: a four-quadrants model Level 6 FoyerMeilun Shih • Ju-Shan Cheng • Yun-Chi Hsu • Lip Ming Chan • Hui-Hsin Liao • Kuei-Yuan Chan Re-envisioning Trauma-Informed Teaching: Empowering Students’ Personal and Academic Growth Level 6 FoyerThomas Colclough • Ashley Hooper • Danny Mann • Misbah Hyder Re-imagining Rubrics: The Creation of a Rubric Generator Tool Level 6 FoyerSue Hines • Anna Landes Benz Re:Imagining faculty development through a linguistically responsive pedagogical lens Level 6 FoyerFiona Shaw (she/her) • Amanda Wallace (she/her) Reflective Teaching Squares - Re:imagining ITA Support Level 6 FoyerZoreen Nuraney ReImagining Multi-Institutional Collaborations that ReConnect Curriculum through the UN SDGs Level 6 FoyerMandy McGrew • Rebecca Watts Hull • Carol Subino Sullivan Reshaping Canvas LMS for on-site higher education after COVID lockdown Level 6 FoyerMaría Jara • Daniel Canales Rethinking our workshops and trainings Level 6 FoyerMaría Jara • Daniel Canales Strategic SoTL Program Planning Tools for Educational Developers Engaging Faculty Level 6 FoyerKim Case • Dayna Henry • Melissa Wells • Laura Lukes • Lindsey Wheeler Three's a charm: Student, faculty and staff course design partnerships Level 6 FoyerAndrea Han (she/her) • Adriana Briseño-Garzón • Roselynn Verwoord • Marissa Hall Uncovering How Students Learn to Think about Systemic Racism Level 6 FoyerCyndi Kernahan • Erik Withers

4:00pm PST

Reimagining Connections through Student-Faculty Partnership: What are the Possibilities? 605 (Snohomish)Jamie Kim • Laurel Willingham-McLain • Emily Donahoe • Austin Wyman • Jingzhe Qi 15,925,248 Ways to Improve the Equity of Grading Schemes 601 (Hoh)Michael Palmer • Adriana Streifer Recentering our integrity in a time of instability 606 (Twisp)Deandra Little • David Green The art of the workshop: Re-enchanting your gatherings 702 (Clearwater)Cynthia Alby • Julia K Metzker • Caralyn Zehnder The Language(s) POD Speaks: Linguistic Justice in Educational Development 603 (Skagit)Anna Santucci (she/lei/sie/ella) • Jamiella Brooks The Role of Center Directors in Faculty Personnel Matters 703 (Hoko)Rebecca Campbell • Gypsy Denzine Using Radical Hope to Re:Imagine, Reshape, & Respond with Resilience 707 (Snoqualmie)Amy Crowley-Gonsoulin • Hector Noriega How Gottman's Marriage Research Made Me a Better Faculty Developer Regency AAndrea Aebersold Understanding novice learners: helping faculty recognize their expert blind spots Regency ALew Ludwig Vulnerability Opens the Door Regency ARachel Rogers Wulff Fellows Roundtable: Expanding shared cultural capital for student, faculty, and staff success 701 (Clallum)Pamela Roy • China M. Jenkins • Melissa Jones • Jess Clawson • Naomi Hammonds • Anoff Cobblah • Nina Feng • José Galarza • Asta Habtemichael • Ching-Yu Huang • Andrew Jenks • Kristi Mukk • Tiphane S. Pate • Michelle Stewart-McKoy • Donohon Abdugafurova (Ph.D) • Carol Hernandez • Collins N. Vaye • Janet Reyes • Jonathan Byrn Close Reading Classrooms through Photographs: Reflective Observation for Educational Insight 604 (Skykomish)Serge Petchenyi • Cassandra Volpe Horii • Martin Springborg Navigating Heated, Offensive, and Tense (HOT) Moments in the Classroom 708 (Sol Duc)Rebecca Petitti Supporting Productivity and Building Community through Faculty Writing Retreats 608 (Wynoochee)Cathlene Leary-Elderkin • Heeyoung Kim

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